Property Investing, Property Development, Property PlansTime for another update on the townhouse development project.  The full construction plans have been completed and submitted along with our building permit application to the local council!

It was interesting to see my copy of the full plans which included:

  • A text based summary of the proposal.  This talks about what we are proposing to do.
  • A neighbourhood and site description.  This talks about the local area.
  • Design response which is where the report provides information about how the design of the new dwelling and the overall project fits in and complies with the ResCode (residential development rules and regulations).  This section is quite detailed and talks about all sorts of things like private open space, common property and energy efficiency – just to name a few.
  • Copies of land title, plans of the original land subdivision
  • Drawing – Shadow Diagrams, Neighbourhood and Site Description, Neighbourhood Design Response, Floor Plans, Elevations, Landscape Plan.

All in all it’s a very comprehensive document and strangely, I feel like we’ve accomplished something even though we haven’t really done anything yet!

So now we wait….apparently this bit will take at least 6 months – and I’m told that’s pretty good for most councils!