Everyday Property Mastermind

Something that Den and I feel strongly about is surrounding yourself with people who, like you and I, are passionate about property investing and about creating financial success through investing in property.  Something happens when you get a group of like minded people together, with common goals.  There is an energy about it that drives everyone to ‘step up’ and take things to another level.  Success breeds success.

If you haven’t read Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich then I can highly recommend it.  He talks extensively about the power of the mastermind.

The video we have just released includes Den and I talking about masterminding and how it has helped us with our investing.  As you may be aware, we will be hosting our own group mentoring sessions very soon, called Everyday Property Mastermind.  We introduced the concept of these masterminding groups in our last podcast EPI 018 | The most important calculation you need to know in property investing – Cashflow.

Check out the video here at Everyday Property Mastermind.

Property Investing - Masterminding