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Everyday Property Mastermind ** COMING SOON **

DESCRIPTION:  Learn how to invest like a pro with this interactive online course including all the tools and support you need.  Register your interest now at



Property Resource Shop

CATEGORY: Membership, information and resources
DESCRIPTION: Matt Jones’ Property Resource Shop membership provides a host of video, audio, interviews, articles, webinars and interaction with other investors.  The very successful Brisbane Property Networking Group has been running for several years now and all of these sessions have been recorded and stored in this online member repository along with heaps of bonuses.  You can join as an annual or platinum member to access these resources plus gain entry to the live meetings.



Ready Set Boom – 1 Day Property Event with Rick Otton

CATEGORY: Education Event
DESCRIPTION: Learn how to turn negatively geared property into positively geared property. Learn how to purchase property with little to none of your own money using creative financing strategies. Rick Otton offers an entertaining and unique approach to investing in property and this one day FREE event gives you a solid introduction into the strategies that Rick has used over many years of investing.



Smart Trading – Online Trading Courses and Systems

CATEGORY: Book, Courses
DESCRIPTION: Ha! Who ever would have thought that we’d have a share trading course on Everyday Property Investing!  Truth is, property investing is about investing first and property second.  Many of those who are interested in property are also interested in shares and after we interviewed Justine Pollard from on our show I went out and purchased her book and there is a whole world of things to know about share trading!  It’s best to learn from someone who does it and does it well and Justine has a range of share trading courses from beginner to advanced, so if you have an interest in share trading, check out Smart Trading.



Smart Property Investing – US Property Investment

CATEGORY: Investing in the US, Mentor and assistance
DESCRIPTION: Wanting to diversify into the high cashflow US property market?  The Smart Property Investing team are experienced investors who are actively assisting Australian investors to purchase property in the US property market. These guys practice what they preach and have amassed significant property themselves in the US.  Through Smart Property Investing they can assist you to set up your finances and investment structures, find property and purchase.  They even provide ongoing assistance and support.  You can check out the interview we did with Justine Pollard from Smart Property Investing here.  Contact me, Kaz, for a personal introduction to Justine and Fiona at SPI.