Property Investing Video Quick Tip – Property Colour Visualiser

Australian Property Investing

This video quick tip shows you another great online resource for property investors. This online colour visualiser tool allows you to play around with colours and materials used in contructing and decorating a property and see how the colour scheme looks. It’s a great tool for those undertaking renovations or development projects.

Property Investing Video Quick Tip – Property Calculators

Australian Property Investing

I just wanted to share with you a couple of great property investment tools that I’ve used which are freely available on the web on the BMT & Associates Quantity Surveyors website.

One is a property construction costs calculator, which is valuable if you are trying to do some ball park estimates on construction costs for a development project.

The other is a tax depreciation calculator which is great if you are measuring up the potential cashflow of a property which you are looking to purchase.

Here’s a quick video that I’ve created to show you these tools.  You can check out these calculators at the BMT website.

Hotspotting website

Property investment resources

Property reports, media commentary

Hotspotting offers reports, articles and media commentary about property and the property market. Hotspotting is independent from advertising or any property related businesses – which is quite unique, really!

Hotspotting offers some great reports – their top 10 reports (boom towns, tree change, sea change, cheapies, ugly ducklings and more) are well known and respected around the traps. You pay for them, of course, but they are generally pretty affordable and if you’re serious about it then coughing up a little bit of dough for some well researched and experienced opinion goes can be classed as the cost of doing business.

Domain website

Property investing resources - domain website

Real estate sales listings website

Well you can’t have one without the other now can you? Domain, just like, offers residential real estate listings from around Australia. Although I think they have less in the way of commerical property and the user interface isn’t quite as slick they do seem to have more in the way of investor tools and reports that you can access free from the site. So for this reason I use domain in addition to website

Property investment resources - websites

Real estate sales listings website is a great resource for property investors. It has residential houses, land, commerical realestate, it gives us current listings on the market, it gives us sold items, it provides free information and convenient tools.

I really love the user interface of – and trust me – coming from a software design background, I’ve seen a dodgy interface or three! Mind you, you do have to really sift through the advertising these days to view the actual information related to the property you are viewing!

Setting up watchlists in the website is a really great way to stay on the lookout for bargains and listings that meet your needs. There is great integration with google maps these days that gives you a lot of useful information to view in conjunction with the house.

This site is definately one you’ll frequent if you are ‘fair dinkum’ about buying property!