EPI 087 | Real success in property with Elise Parker

Things we talk about

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What’s news

  • Update on Mastermind Jo’s remote reno
  • Recent activity in the Brisbane market
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Quick tip and action

  • In a fast market, you need to be ready
  • Have your ducks in a row
  • Finance, review standard contract to be familiar,
    have clauses ready that you may need
  • Assess the deal quickly and act fast



  1. Hi,
    Very inspiring podcast! Jo mentioned at the start of the podcast that the tradespeople she’s using are very good and in particular Coreys painting. I would love to know who exactly just for any future renovations I might need to do!

    • Hi Georgie

      Corey’s Paint Tin is the name of the painter Jo used and she was happy with her dealings with him. Don’t know that he has a website but I will email his mobile to you.


  2. Stan Hamilton says:

    Hi Kas

    I wondering are there any good computer programs for storing all your details about your rental properties, like MYOB or Quicken, I use a Spreadsheet now but feel some sort of Accounting Program may also be beneficial.

    Can you recommend one or some for me, I want to better control the facts , figures and Information my Property Portfolio generates.

    Thank You

    Stan Hamilton
    Mackay, Qld

    • Hi Stan,

      Some people use standard accounting packages such as MYOB, Quicken or Xero and find those to be good.

      Me, I just use a spreadsheet as I find it quicker and simpler to enter data – if something is time consuming or complex then I’m less likely to do it!

      There are some property specific software packages – such as My Property Tracker (http://mypropertytracker.com.au/) or Real Estate Investar (http://www.everydaypropertyinvesting.com/link/realestateinvestar) – some of these such as Real Estate Investar offer analysis, search and valuation services as well.

      You’ve given me a good idea for a blog post – to review all of the available property software packages around – will get onto that!


  3. How can I find out if Elise is looking for more investors?

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