Renovation project

Renovation really is an active property investing strategy and we have been flat chat!

I’m well overdue for a renovation update but a few things have been getting in the way – namely – renovation!
We have been absolutely flat chat in an effort to get this reno finished ahead of schedule to fit in with…well….our holidays! Things are really coming down to the wire as we try to complete this renovation 6 weeks ahead of schedule! Not too much to ask, surely!

Now I did shoot some video last week to post but alas, forgot the tripod and when I played it back I was a little concerned that it would make everyone seasick watching it!!

The video is a bit ‘rough and ready’ so I apologize for the quality, but hey, that’s life sometimes – a bit rough and ready!!

The renovation project is really coming along – and even in the week that has passed since I took this video things have already changed massively!!

I’m about to head down to the reno house for 3 full days and nights of work! Speak to you soon!