Renovation Update # 8 – The Final Update



Well finally – here it is!  The last renovation where I walk you through the completed project.

Once again, I apologize for me bad video skills (and the occasional error in editing), but if you can just ignore that and come along as I take you through the house room by room and explain what we’ve done.  Note:

If you haven’t seen the ‘before’ video – then make sure you check that out first to see where we started!

I’d have to say I’m really pleased with the result and REALLY pleased that we’ve finished!  Renovation is definitely non a passive investment strategy!!


  1. Thanks for sharing these renovation update vids, it’s great.

  2. Matthew says:

    just checked out t’gon reno case study. gr8 vids. i found some of the numbers on one of the related blog posts. Were these final.

    Also was there any update around the improvement in both value and rental perspective as a result of this renovation.


    • Hi Guys,
      The project is still going!! I could write up the final numbers based on a bank revaluation but we’re so close to getting the subdivision through and then we can sell – so we’ll have really, really final numbers! I’ll start working on a final run through video in the near future and hopefully get the project completed so we can put that out with everything done and dusted!


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