EPI 011 | Residential property investment – Interview with Clare


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This episode we have a feature segment interview where we talk to Clare, who is a property investor in the early stages of her property investing journey.  She has some interesting experiences and it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Clare!

Key points we talk about

  • Anyone can be powerful and create their own financial freedom
  • Think about the reason you are buying a property and stick to that.  Decide upon your strategy before you purchase.
  • Knowing where you are at in your life and how your strategy fits it (or doesn’t!).
  • Getting a pre-purchase building inspection and ensuring that people you hire are working in your best interests.
  • Home buyers grant.
  • Borrowing from family.

Things we mention
Rich Dad Poor Dad – Book by Richard Kyosaki

Listener Question

Our listener question comes to us from Jino from Brooklyn, New York.  Jino asks about getting advice from property investment companies and how to get started in property investing with a small deposit.

Quick Tip

Sometimes you can be faced with tough decisions when investing in real estate, should I buy, should I sell and so forth.  One way to help you in this decision making process is to run through the situation you have and measure it up against your primary property investing goals.  So revisit your goals, make sure you are clear on your primary goal and this will make decision making much easier.


  • Related to our Quick Tip – revisit your goals, are you clear on your primary property goal?

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