Property investment research
You can only guess where the next boom town will be.
I used to spend hours, days, at the computer researching, looking for the next boom town. I would check key indicators in several locations and set up a plethora of spreadsheets and other tracking devices. I pored over data, made lists and reviewed my sources. I now realise that all I was really doing was wasting a lot of time.
Yes, you do need to thoroughly research the area(s) where you hope to buy. Yes, you need to do your due diligence. Yes, you will need to compare figures before you make your choices.
But the lesson to be learned here is that nobody really knows where or when the next big jump will happen for an area. Save your time but still ensure your target has good prospects for growth. Good research will help you make a profitable purchase, reducing your chance of losing out.
Make a list of your key factors; population, future spending, demographics and so on. As long as your future property scores well, you should be OK.
So save your time and target your research. You might pick the next big thing, or you might just pick a solid performer that you’re proud of.