Selling houses, finding the ‘next big thing’ with heat maps, DHA


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Highlights in this episode:
00:27 New podcast episode out! All about selling houses—from the decision to sell to preparing and pricing your property
01:02 Cool tool: Heat maps that will show pricing and growth patterns and help  you identify undervalued locations or potentially the ‘next big thing’!
02:06 Want to be part of a small online group collaborating, sharing, and increasing knowledge about property investing? A few spots left for Everyday Property Mastermind.
02:23 Is DHA investing for you? A quick glance at the pros and cons


  1. david horton says:

    The heat map tool is really cool.


  1. […] We then presented Peta with another location report, this time with the narrowed down areas. We provided other pertinent data about the suburb including location, demographics, style of housing, and heatmaps. […]

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