More wealth from residential property – Jan Somers

More Wealth from Residential Property Jan Somers Kaz: Ahhh…Jan…an oldie but a goodie! This book was one of the first property books I ever bought, perhaps not as quirky and hip as some of the more current books, but it’s really solid basics in an easy to understand format. Fundamentals that everyone should know! Apparently […]

How to create an income for life – Margaret Lomas

Margaret Lomas Den: This is probably the most inspirational book I have ever read as far as property investing goes. Margaret applies total common sense in her well-written and easy-to-understand books, and there is something everybody can learn from her. Prior to reading Margaret’s books, I had researched property investing thoroughly (and bought one property). […]

From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 years – Steve McKnight

From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years, Second Edition Steve McKnight Kaz: A really inspiring book and one that will have you raring to go out and find an opportunity. Steve goes over the numbers in a simple and straight forward manner, explaining some really important concepts. Steve McKnight wrote the first version of […]