Mackay Purchase Case Study: A Summary Video


We recently concluded our Mackay Purchase case study series for one of our Property Zest clients, Serg. For those of you who missed out on the posts, we created this summary video to give you a quick look at the process and progress we undertook while searching for the next property investment for Serg.

A full transcript of this video is available at Property Zest.

Investing in Mackay, QLD: Three Suburbs to Look Into


Last time we gave you an overview of Mackay and the region’s profile—its people, economic drive, services and facilities as well as dwellings—that makes it a viable option for property investors.

In this post, we look into different suburbs of Mackay that have good investment potential. Now there are other areas in Mackay that are also viable investing spots depending on one’s strategy and goals but for this study, we narrowed down our search and came up with three locations that appeal to us—Andergrove, Mount Pleasant, and West Mackay. Read on as we dissect each area and present you with location analysis of these three Mackay suburbs.


Andergrove is a popular family suburb located very close to the centre of Mackay. Being a sought-after family suburb and one of the largest, Andergrove has very good facilities catering to families such as choice of schools and shopping centres. Types of houses here include weatherboard and cladding, brick style, and other family-style homes. Andergrove has good rental yield and low vacancy rates. Consider the numbers below:

Mount Pleasant

To Southwest of Andergrove is Mount Pleasant, once considered to be THE suburb to live in before all those new developments happened around the nearby area. Being an elevated area, some homes are built in certain spots that have fantastic views. Houses from the 70s abound but there are also new homes, particularly behind the Greenfields Shopping Centre. However, moving towards the centre of Mackay, most houses are older.

Streets in Mount Pleasant are well-kept. While most of the houses are old, there is still a gentrified feel to this suburb.

Mount Pleasant has good potential for renovation to manufacture some growth.

West Mackay

If you want a location near the centre of Mackay, West Mackay would be a great choice. It is close to the hospital and has primary and secondary schools.

Houses in West Mackay are a mix of weatherboard, cladding and brick. While some streets are nice, there are pockets here that are not that good. One can get a cheap house here but make sure it’s not on one of those not-so-good locations.

West Mackay would be a good area for a renovation project, given the actual properties here and some improvements that are starting to happen in this suburb.

If you are looking for a Mackay buyers agent, feel free to contact Karen at Property Zest for more information on investing in Mackay.