Are you fed up with your property manager?

Bad property managers cost good people time and money. Last February, I received a phone call from the police asking if I would be a witness to the intentional damage done to my property the previous September. This was the first I had heard of it. My (now ex) property manager had completed November’s inspection […]

Discover your borrowing power

Too many would-be property investors could buy now but don’t even know it. I recently sat down with some good friends of mine who would love to buy a property. They were convinced that they could never afford to buy a place of their own, let alone an investment property. It was no wonder, really; […]

You don’t have to buy and hold forever

We recently reviewed our buy-and-hold strategy. We’ve been investing in property for ten years and have never seriously considered selling a property. Until now. One of our properties has increased in value considerably without delivering a similar increase in rent. This means it now has a relatively low yield.  If we sell it for its […]