EPI 122 | Analysing capital growth with Jacob Field

What’s news

  • Cate – Melbourne marketing happenings
  • Kaz – finally purchased an investment property after months of looking and a few failed offers!


Feature – Listeners’ Property Investing Questions

Jacob Field
  • Ripehouse
  • What’s been happening with Ripehouse software
  • How are people using Ripehouse
  • How does Ripehouse assess capital growth potential
  • API magazine reborn with Ripehouse

Quick tip and action

  • Go and check out the Ripehouse.  You can see the recommendation engine that we spoke about in today’s episode in action and see some of the amazing data that has been pulled together in this tool.



EPI 121 | Property Investing Q&A – with Kaz Young and Lisa Parker

What’s news

Property Zest - Buyer's agent and property investing mentoring
  • Kaz – Property Zest‘s new office on the Sunshine Coast!
  • Lisa – Home buyers are out and about! Negotiating after a property is passed in at auction


Feature – Listeners’ Property Investing Questions

Property Investing Questions
  • I have a unit that we’ve had for ages, it yields ok but I don’t think it’s grown much over the past few years and there’s lots of talk about unit oversupply so may not grow for the next few. Should I sell it and buy something else?
  • I have $700k to spend, should I buy one property in a blue chip area or two lower budget properties?
  • Is Winter a bad time to buy, should I wait until Spring?
  • I have a small deposit for a property, should I get something now or save up till I have a better deposit so can get a better property?

Quick tip and action

EPI 120 | Winning the Property Game – with solicitor Mark Game

What’s news

  • Kaz – finds her dream property, complete with asbestos roof and fence, unsafe structures, leaking ceilings and live termites!
  • Lisa – discusses standardised rating systems for properties and whether these are a good idea or not specific enough to an individual’s requirements and situation


Feature – Winning the Property Game – with solicitor Mark Game

Mark Game from Aylward Game Solicitors Interview with solicitor Mark Game from Aylward Game Solicitors in Brisbane:

  • Role of solicitor and conveyancer in the transaction and when to engage them
  • What due diligence/searches are involved in the process
  • What are some of the common issues or problems faced by buyers
  • Top tips for buyers

Contact Mark at Aylward Game Solicitors 

Quick tip and action

  • When buying in a particular state, try to use expertise from or very familiar with the property law of that particular state
  • Do you have a solicitor/conveyancer to work with?
  • Your team is important!  
  • Seek recommendations, talk to them first, understand fees, are the readily accessible?



EPI 116 | Top Capital Growth drivers

What’s news

  • Buying at Christmas time–is it a good idea?
  • What are the pros and cons of buying during the holiday period?


Feature – Capital Growth drivers

Capital Growth


  • Kaz and Melbourne Buyers Agent Lisa Parker compared notes on what they think are the top capital growth drivers. The following made it to their list:
    • Demand/Supply
    • Population Growth
    • Transport
    • Facilities and Services, Infrastructure projects
    • Income
    • Surrounding suburb activity
    • Water
    • Schools
    • Proximity to cbd
    • Backing onto parks, creeks, walkways (depending on where you live!)
    • Family friendly areas
    • Character homes

Quick tip and action

  • Using the list of capital growth drivers, choose a city and a likely budget that you would buy in and identify a list of 3-5 suburbs that you think would fit the bill of a good growth location.
  • It’s a good exercise to get you thinking and who know, perhaps this is the list of your next investment property location?

EPI 114 | Bookkeeping requirements for property investors

What’s news

  • Cate Bakos (Cate Bakos Property) on the current market conditions in Melbourne
  • Entry level points for Units and Houses in Melbourne


Feature – Bookkeeping requirements and how to do it properly

In our feature segment today we talk to Penny Buchanan of The Property Investor’s Bookkeeper to talk about:


  • How much holding a property is costing you
  • So you have an accounting software—now what?
  • Why it’s important NOT to wait until the end of financial year to have things in order
  • Understanding your financials
  • The Property Investor’s Bookkeeper

Quick tip and action

  • Take a look at your investment property bookkeeping systems—are they working for you? Are you collecting information and are you going about it the right way?

  • Use a spreadsheet, Xero or any bookkeeping system or any online tool related to property investing –whatever you use, make sure it is working for you!

EPI 113 | Tackling common property questions with Lisa Parker

What’s news

  • Property reports and data
  • Dealing with a seller with unrealistic expectations


Feature – Common property questions

In our feature segment today we get Lisa Parker’s take on some of those common property questions we’ve chatted about recently:


  • Houses vs Units
  • Buy and Hold vs Quick turnover
  • Capital growth vs Cashflow
  • Inner city vs outer suburbs
  • Build vs buy established
  • Buy PPR first vs buy IP first

Quick tip and action

EPI 107 | How to jump hurdles in 2016

What’s news

  • Lisa Parker on the Melbourne market update
  • Kaz on Brisbane market update

Feature –  Goal Setting hurdles and how to overcome them

  • Build it into your routine
  • Overcommitting – thinking I can do so much more, over-optimistic timelines
  • Unrealistic goals – lofty goals are scaring you off – break it down – mini goals along the way
  • Let the goals slide out – accountability partner, tell others, tie in a reward to a deadline
  • Motivation versus discipline
  • Doing new things – moving outside of your comfort zone. Mentor, friend, education, practice, just do it.
  • Your goals/ownership – are they your goals? The influence of parents, friends, partner or your ‘old’ self.


Quick tip and action

  • Re-assess your portfolio
  • Set some goals

EPI 101 | Ripehouse revisited – with Jacob Field

What’s news

  • Mastermind Jo – tenants moved out
  • Kaz – REIQ 2015 Buyer’s Agent of the Year

Feature – Ripehouse revisited – with Jacob Field


Quick tip and action

Ripehouse website
  • Check out the tutorial videos for Ripehouse and take note of the parameters used to assess investment locations and properties.  Think about how you could utilise some of these parameters in your own investment analysis.

EPI 095 | Signing on the dotted line – What now?

What’s news

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 4.06.19 PM
  • Mastermind Jo on waiting to settle on recent sale
  • No photos please! Is this the end of open inspections?

Feature – What happens when you sign the contract?

  • Deposit
  • Cooling off – how long, penalties, waiving
  • Finance – how long?, what happens, extensions
  • Building and Pest – how long, what if you find a problem
  • Quotes – renegotiating
  • Insurance
  • Other conditions you have included – access, advertising,  DA, subject to sale etc…
  • Auction
  • Property management
  • Pre-settlement inspections
  • Settlement
  • Back up contracts (knowing that contracts do fall over)



Quick tip and action

  • Make yourself a checklist for tracking key dates
    and activities in the time critical contract period.

EPI 094 | Where to start — with Nhan Nguyen

What’s news

  • Mastermind Jo goes Masterminding!
  • Kaz on selecting an investment location—
    location reports and prediction reports

Feature – Nhan Nguyen, author and property and wealth creation expert

Nhan Nguyen
  • Having focus
  • Buying at $450k or less
  • Looking for massive discounts
  • Becoming an area expert
  • Thinking Big, Starting Small
  • Positive cashflow options
  • Looking at population trends
  • Making low written offers



Quick tip and action

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 5.57.06 PM

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