EPI 083 | Property management done right with Karen Herbert

EPI 083 | Property management done right with Karen Herbert

Things we talk about Property Management Position One (tell them Kaz from Everyday Property Investing sent you!) Making offers Quick tip and action Are you taking responsibility for the good management of your properties? Assess your properties – is your management up to scratch? Make a checklist or a spreadsheet of the questions you should […]

EPI 025 | Property Development with Troy Harris – Part 1

In this episode we’re really excited to be speaking with a guy who has turned his passion for property into a fantastic business in property development.  Troy Harris from Rookie Developer is a busy man, running multiple development projects and educating investors on how to get started in property development.  Troy recently took some time […]

Are you fed up with your property manager?

Bad property managers cost good people time and money. Last February, I received a phone call from the police asking if I would be a witness to the intentional damage done to my property the previous September. This was the first I had heard of it. My (now ex) property manager had completed November’s inspection […]

Make sure you are getting the right rental return

I recently discovered that I’m losing over $5000 per year. My CBD property should have been earning me $100 per week more than I was receiving. And I had no idea. My property manager is a great communicator who makes regular phone calls to me. I always know what’s going on. This high level of […]