House plans and property development

Two exciting things happened today on the property investing and property development front. First of all, the Everyday Property Investing podcast has been formally accepted into the iTunes podcast directory – hoorah!  This means you can easily access and subscribe to the podcast from iTunes.  Just search for ‘Property Investing’ and you’ll see us! Secondly, […]

Property development doesn’t scare me!

I’m pretty happy with myself!  Following the property development workshop I attended on the weekend I have already taken some action! We have a property on a corner block with a reasonable size backyard and we’ve always had in the back of our minds that perhaps we could do something with the property – such […]

Property Development workshop

I’ve just completed a one day property development workshop!  This was the first time I’ve paid to attend a property investment type event. So, it was a rainy Sunday morning when I took the trek over to meet with about 70 others who were also there to learn about the property development process and hopefully […]

EPI 001 | Everyday Property Investing

SUBSCRIBE in iTunes:  iTunes Store – Everyday Property Investing (NB: Need to have  iTunes installed) In our first every episode of Everyday Property Investing we: Introduce the Everyday Property Investing show to the world. Talk about what this show is about, who it’s for and what makes it different from other property investment shows. Introduce […]