Are you looking into subdividing a property as an investment strategy? Check out this extensive DIY kit designed to provide all the information you need so that you can take on that subdivision decision with confidence!

subdivision-3D-boxHere at Everyday Property Investing we’re all for gaining knowledge through different resources to help our community gain confidence in their property investing journey. We believe it is through arming oneself with education that you are able to make informed decisions.

However, we know that with the influx of information out there, it is hard to discern which amongst those are worth your time (and money) to invest in.

We’re happy to sift through those property investment education products out there and filter those we deem are relevant to our readers—and we’ve recently found one that we can vouch for: Matt Jones’ Subdivision Do-It-Yourself Kit.

Get The DIY  Subdivision Kit Here

Now this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of Matt here at EPI. If you’re an avid podcast listener you’d remember Matt  in one of our recent podcast episodes about Networking to Success.

Now Matt developed great pack detailing the process involved in subdividing a property and most importantly, how to profit most from the project.

How It Works

Subdivision DIY Kit is an extensive workbook consisting of videos, mp3s, walkthroughs and action steps. By extensive we meant it is 100-page workbook kind of extensive.

DIY Subdivision Kit

The DIY Subdivision Kit reached this number of pages for a good reason—Matt has extensively shared his 12-Step Revolutionary System to ensure a profitable subdivision project. There’s also checklists, flowcharts, definitions and useful contract clauses. There’s also a complete list of people you need in your team and what their expertise entails. (Matt also gives names and phone numbers of those key people to cut short your sourcing phase.)

Who It Is Suited For

Subdivision DIY Kit is perfect for beginner to intermediate property investors whose aim is to understand the subdivision process and have a clear set of steps to take. Property investors who are struggling to make profits in their current  investing strategy and  who’d like to venture into subdividing can benefit from this product.

Benefits of the Kit

Benefits of kitMatt recounted that when he was starting to venture into subdividing as a strategy, it was so hard to get all the information he needed in one single document. So he developed this DIY Subdivision Kit for an everyday property investor who wishes to undertake a subdividing project without having to devote a chunk of his/her time researching for all the resources needed. DIY Subdivision Kit is a one-stop resource guides you through the complete process of subdividing a property for profit. On top of all these info, also included in the kit are the following:

  • Checklists
  • A feasibility spreadsheet with an onscreen video showing how to use it
  • MP3 interviews with property gurus about subdivision
  • Walkthrough video of one of Matt’s subdivision projects narrating the entire process
  • Special report revealing how you can become an area expert in just 7 days

The Downside

Every information product is only as good as when it is used. A hundred-page workbook may seem too much for those who want a shortcut to property investing success. Having said that, the comprehensiveness of this DIY kit requires time and you really need to devote some of yours to be able to see the worth of this product.

Aside from the pages of readings, there are also an hour’s-worth of recordings plus videos to watch so needless to say, this product needs some time investment.  If you are not an action taker, or you do not have time to dedicate then hold off until you do.

How To Get It

reno_3D_boxHere’s a great offer exclusive to the Everyday Property Investing community: get 20% off the price of Matt Jones’ DIY Subdivision Kit PLUS a DIY Renovation Kit which features Matt’s “Helicopter View” approach in buying a property 20% under market value.

Get The DIY  Subdivision Kit AND The DIY Renovation Kit Here


Any property investor who’s serious about using subdividing as a strategy can benefit from this information product. The 100-page worth of information is just enough to give you confidence you need to venture into subdividing. Often it is lack of knowledge that produces fear and hesitation. DIY Subdivision Kit provides just that: relevant information that will guide you through the entire process of subdividing, ensuring that there are no stones unturned when it comes to gaining the information, the team, the numbers, the strategies and exit strategies.