Property investing - starting out

Success comes from being active.

Too many people I know want to get into property investing but don’t know how. One of the reasons they don’t know what to do is that they never decide to do anything! They are like becalmed ships, lost and helpless.

Becoming a property investor isn’t only about buying property. It’s about researching, learning, planning and decision-making. In fact, your next logical step is unlikely to be buying a property! There are a million other things you can do to get your ship moving; downloading a podcast, finding out how much you can borrow, buying a magazine, researching an area or planning a budget. Doing these things involves making some kind of decision and it’s this decision-making process which gets you moving.

Once you’re on the move, it’s easier to steer your ship. You can look at your past decisions and analyse them; were they good decisions or did you overlook some information? What can you learn from them?

So regardless where you are in your investing journey, do something. Make a decision. It will either be a great decision or a learning decision. It will either add value to your portfolio or value to your experience.

Maybe your first decision is to call yourself a property investor.  See? It wasn’t that hard after all!