One of Everyday Property Investor’s regular guests, property educator, mortgage broker and renovator, Jane Slack-Smith is opening up the doors to her very comprehensive and high quality course on Renovating for Profit.  She is currently in full swing with her launch video series – full of great information and based on some real-life case studies. We here at EPI, being avid renovators ourselves, have been through and continue to gain tips, knowledge and information from the course and the great community created around it.


For those of you who are new to the site, Jane Slack-Smith has been a fantastic resource person, having graced our podcast episodes discussing topics on Getting The Right Mortgage For Your Investment Property, Property Investing Success and holding webinar exclusive to EPI community (How To Build A Successful Property Portfolio).

Jane’s renovation program in the past has been such a great success that it is being made available again this year. The Ultimate Guide to Renovation is aptly titled as that—it’s a comprehensive and intensive reno course that will guide property investors who are looking into renovation as a property investing strategy.

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What is The Ultimate Guide to Renovation?

Jane is no stranger to property investors and renovation enthusiasts. In her book, Your Property Success With Renovation, Jane helped readers demystify property investing and how renovation can be an effective investing strategy.

Whilst the book was a helpful resource for investors, Jane got feedback from readers who felt that something is still holding them back from actually going out there and taking action.

Because of this, Jane devised a step-by-step course complete with videos, checklists, and real-life renovation projects that will walk every property investor and wannabe renovator through the whole process of renovation.

What It Is All About

The Ultimate Guide to Renovation course has 12 modules, each module consists of illustrated videos — meaning task-by-task video tutorials. The lessons also contain downloadable worksheets and related readings.

Ultimate Guide to RenovationHow The Ultimate Guide to Renovation Works

Every beginner renovator is baffled by several questions when considering purchasing a property for renovation

  • Is this the right property to renovate?
  • Will my reno project be profitable?
  • How much work is needed to undertake this renovation?
  • How much will those work cost?

In this course, Jane addresses those questions point-by-point by providing the complete mechanics of the renovation process. Jane made sure that no stone was unturned, so to speak, and that all aspects and concerns every renovator has are covered in this 12-module course.

To answer the perennial question, “Is this the right property to renovate?”, The Ultimate Guide to Renovation course features videos of Jane doing onsite inspections of actual properties, determining which among the properties have renovation potential. It is in these onsite videos that Jane throws some tips and tricks on how to add the ‘wow’ value, more than what it actually costs.

Who It Is Best For

Anyone who is starting out with their property investing journey and would like to know that ins and outs of reno process will benefit from this comprehensive course. The Ultimate Guide to Renovation is also suited for advanced property investors who wish to level up their strategy by undertaking reno projects.

What’s the down side?

Being comprehensive and containing several resources packed in 12 modules, The Ultimate Guide to Renovation requires user to allot time to be able to go through the content and fully utilise the lessons. It requires time investment and commitment—commitment to go through all the materials, to make notes along the way, and to attend the followup webinar series and Q&A sessions.

So if you are ready for all these, then be ready to gain A LOT from this ultimate renovation course.

Ultimate Guide to Renovation

Get The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Here

BONUS for Everyday Property Investing Community

We are offering a couple of great bonuses to the Everyday Property Investing community—with a purchase of The Ultimate Guide to Renovation through our website, we are offering you:

A bonus 1/2 hour consultation with Kaz to discuss any aspect of your renovation project (from buying the property to planning the project to renovation priorities). Or discuss any aspect/any question about property investing.


The Everyday Property Investing – Renovation Calculator.  This is a very helpful tool to test the feasibility of projects. You can use it to work out  how much you can pay, how much you can spend to renovation and what your end sale value needs to be.  You can run multiple scenarios for a project and feel free to adjust or amend to suit how you work – it’s in an easy to use spreadsheet format.

**How to get your Everyday Property Investing Bonuses**

1.  Purchase the course through one of the links on this page – such as this one.

2.  Send us a copy of your purchase receipt and we’ll send you our Renovation Calculator.

You can then email whenever you’d like to book your one-on-one consultation session.  Here’s some ideas of topics for us to work through:

  • Choosing the right location – practical steps and tricks to finding the best locations
  • Choosing the property – what to look for, what to avoid
  • Assessing a property to see if the deal stacks up
  • Making offers
  • What to focus on when renovating
  • How to plan out the renovation
  • How to manage the project
  • Selling the property


The Ultimate Guide to Renovation lives up to its product name—the comprehensiveness of the course covers what you need to know to ensure your project is profitable – and really, that is what it’s about.   The videos, checklists, workbooks, resources and ongoing support – when put into action – will really give a professiona and systemised approach to renovating that will maximise the potential for your projects to be successful.

Get The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Here