Check out this fantastic course from Jane Slack-Smith that gives you the step by step, comprehensive, systematic approach to renovating for profit – It’s the Ultimate Guide To Renovation!


Here at Everyday Property Investing, Jane Slack-Smith has been an ongoing contributor—from the podcast episodes about Getting The Right Mortgage For Your Investment Property to our webinar on How To Build A Successful Property Portfolio to the Everyday Property Investing Magazine, Jane has been a fantastic resource person for property investors, newbies and longtime investors alike.

Jane has been working hard behind the scenes to develop a fantastic, comprehensive,  intensive renovation course aptly called “The Ultimate Guide To Renovation”.

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What is The Ultimate Guide to Renovation?

If you are an avid property investor and a renovation nut, you must have come across Jane’s book, Your Property Success With Renovation. The book has lots of information that takes a reader through a process of understanding property and how renovation can be an effective investing strategy.

However, Jane has got lots of feedback from readers who felt that there’s still something holding them back from getting out there and dipping their toes on the pond. And that’s where Jane decided to lock herself up to devise a course that will guide people through the process of renovation—complete with videos, checklists, ACTUAL reno projects and the ongoing support you need to really take this knowledge and put it into action.

Thus the birth of The Ultimate Guide to Renovation and we’re happy to be amongst the beta users of this course and to let you guys know that this is a course that contains a lot of good quality information and resources.

What It Is All About

The Ultimate Guide to Renovation is a comprehensive online course that provides illustrated video tutorials about renovation as a property investment strategy. Now by illustrated we meant task-by-task video tutorials. It is consist of 12 modules and each module has videos, mp3s, and downloadable worksheets and relevant resources.

Ultimate Guide to RenovationHow It Works

The course covers the mechanics of the renovation process. Through a combination of videos, worksheets and workbooks, Jane guides the user through the entire renovation process. Some people are wary of undertaking a reno project for fear of not choosing the right location, the right property or doing the right renovation and this is where Jane’s course can be a very helpful tool for those people.

The videos feature onsite inspections of actual properties where Jane teaches the user how to discern a property that has renovation potential. Some trips and tricks are thrown here on how to add value that is more perceived value (‘Wow’ factor) than it actually costs.

Who It Is Suited For

Beginner property investors who wish to understand the renovation process and how this strategy can get them to their property investing goals can benefit a lot from this course. The Ultimate Guide to Renovation is also suited for advanced property investors looking to increase their knowledge and really refine and systemise their processes for assessing locations and properties, financing, planning and undertaking renovation

What’s the down side?

The Ultimate Guide to Renovation is an incredibly comprehensive course.  It requires time to be able to go through the content. It consists of 12 modules and each module has many videos, workbooks, action steps and bonus resources.

If you are the sort of person who buys courses and never follows through then you just won’t get the value of this course.  It really requires an investment of your time and energy and a commitment to sitting down and really working through the materials, making notes and attending the follow up webinar series and Q&A sessions.  There really is a lot to be gained BUT you are the only person who can be responsible for really doing this course properly and getting the real value from it.

So my key advice here is to ensure that you are ready for the challenge, ready for the commitment and then schedule time in your calendar to really DO THE WORK!!

Ultimate Guide to Renovation

Get The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Here

BONUS for Everyday Property Investing Community

We are offering a couple of great bonuses to the Everyday Property Investing community—with a purchase of The Ultimate Guide to Renovation through our website, we are offering you:

A bonus 1 hour consultation with me (err…Kaz!) to discuss any aspect of your renovation project (from buying the property to planning the project to renovation priorities). You can take your 1 hour session at anytime during the 12 months after your purchase and you can even split it up and have 2 x 30min sessions.  I have experience with renovation for profit projects and it’s a key part of my investing strategy so I’d love to be able ot help you.


The Everyday Property Investing – Renovation Calculator.  I use this to test the feasibility of my projects and find it invaluable in working out how much I can pay, how much I can spend to renovation and what my end sale value needs to be.  You can run multiple scenarios for a project and feel free to adjust or amend to suit how you work – it’s in an easy to use spreadsheet format.  I’d be lost without it and I think you will find it very helpful for your renovation projects.

**How to get your Everyday Property Investing Bonuses**

1.  Purchase the course through one of the links on this page

2.  Then simply send me a copy of your purchase receipt and I’ll send you our Renovation Calculator.

You can then email whenever you’d like to book you one-on-one consultation session.  Here’s some ideas of topics for us to work through:

  • Choosing the right location – practical steps and tricks to finding the best locations
  • Choosing the property – what to look for, what to avoid
  • Assessing a property to see if the deal stacks up
  • Making offers
  • What to focus on when renovating
  • How to plan out the renovation
  • How to manage the project
  • Selling the property


The Ultimate Guide to Renovation lives up to its product name—the comprehensiveness of the course covers what you need to know to ensure your project is profitable – and really, that is what it’s about.   The videos, checklists, workbooks, resources and ongoing support – when put into action – will really give a professiona and systemised approach to renovating that will maximise the potential for your projects to be successful.

Get The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Here