Video versus text?

The survey results are in!  Last week I asked the question of you guys, which style of news updates do you prefer.  The responses were pretty much split between video and text and text based.  So I’m going to be mixing it up!  Expect to see more videos but also our traditional text style newsletter as well!  Thanks for participating in the survey!

Webinar – How to build a successful property portfolio

Tuesday 19th March, 7pm, Jane  Slack-Smith and I will be online hosting a webinar.  You are invited!  If you’d like to hear Jane speak about how to build a successful property portoflio, then register here.

Bonus Podcast Episode

We have a bonus podcast episode out this week.  An interview with Serg, our Melbourne based investor who we’ve presented recently as a case study for his purchase in Mackay.  Check out the episode here.

EPI Magazine – Issue 6 – Top 10 Budget Hotspots

Issue 6 of EPI Mag came out last week.  We have a feature article on the Top 10 Budget Hotspots under $350k, so you can checkout the magazine on the iTunes newstand now.

Road Trip to Toowoomba, Chinchilla and Miles

I’m heading on a road trip next week to Toowoomba, Chinchilla and Miles to scope out these locations in detail and to purchase property for clients of our buyers agency, Property Zest.  If these areas are of interest to you and you are looking for assistance, now is a great time to speak to me as we will be waiving our usual regional travel costs to these locations if you decide to use our buyers agency service to purchase there in the next 2 months.

Contact me over at if you’d like to have a chat!