We all have goals  — some are easily achieved while the others seem to be too far-fetched that most of us find it easier to just give up on that vision.

Some reasons why people give up on their goals are:

  • Lack of clarity around what our vision really is;
  • Not knowing exactly who we need on our team to have a winning outcome;
  • Lack of confidence and self assurance;
  • Not knowing how to ask the right questions after pinpointing what they are;
  • Not asking for help. Working alone. Trying to spread one’s self too thinly;
  • Not being able to up-sell ourselves in conversation

Some people are gifted with knowing what exactly they wanted in life — and they work on achieving that goal. But for others who struggle identifying their goals and lack the proper mindset to achieve those, here’s something we highly recommend.


What’s Holding You Back “Taste Tester”

Jill McIntyre

If Any Of These Describe You:

  •  Stuck in a PAYG job
  • Run into the ground by your own business
  • Ready to become a property investor but don’t know where to start
  • Already a full time property investor but cant rise to the next level and grow your income streams

then it’s time to re-assess your priorities— you can start by scheduling a consultation with Life, Business, and Property Coach Jill McIntyre.
Jill’s What’s Holding You Back “Taste Tester” is all about the tools you need to set your goals, as well as having a professional who has experience and insights who can give clarity to your visions. Learn more about what Jill does in this podcast episode

Contact Jill To Arrange Your Taste Tester Session

Email: Jill.McIntyire01@gmail.com     Phone: 0410 639265

pdfDownload The Flyer Here

Contact Jill To Arrange Your Taste Tester Session

Email: Jill.McIntyire01@gmail.com     Phone: 0410 639265

pdfDownload The Flyer Here



“Hi Jill

Firstly, thank you very much for time, support, and insight. I really enjoyed our ‘Taster’ session and came away feeling very positive and energised to move forward.

Not only were you able to get to the heart of the problem amazingly fast, but then set a plan to move
forward. I really do feel that my thought process has shifted and feel that my goals are in fact possible and within reach.

Even the distance between London and Melbourne wasn’t an issue. At first I thought the lack of a face to
face meeting might be an issue, but I really feel that we achieved everything that we set out to.

Thanks once again, and look forward to talking again soon, or even having a coffee together when we are in Oz in August later in the year.

Many thanks”

– Jonathan, London

“Thank you for your time today and the extended session. As a property investor I very much appreciated that the session was focused on two fronts. Property and mindset. The ability to discuss three property deals that I am stuck on and the road blocks I am currently facing to their success was invaluable. Sometimes you are too close and need someone from the outside to look in. Thanks to our discussion and your ideas I now have a way forward, and the confidence of knowing that I will have success with one of the properties we discussed.

We also discussed mind set and personal issues that are holding me back on a family, personal and professional level. You have provided me with some tasks to undertake and approaches to take when specific negative issues arise. I will be implementing the changes over the week and I look forward to updating you on my progress and continued improvement.

I will be recommending your taste tester program to a property partner and personal friend, and other property investors in my life. As discussed, I am now confidant that at least one of my potential property deals will succeed. That alone will more than cover the cost of our first session> am earnestly looking forward to our next discussion, and continued success in my property investing as well as a much more harmonious and enjoyable life.


– David, Western Australia